Today i would like to share a post written by “where is Asturias” about Llanes.

Llanes is one of the most popular vacation destinations is northern Spain….Discover why!

“The enchanting seaside town of Llanes is one of the most popular, busiest and trendiest Asturian towns for holiday makers.

Llanes though charming in its own right is also very fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery due to its proximity to the very popular and magnificent Picos de Europa and is also home to some the best beaches in Asturias.

The old town has been declared an historic and artistic site due to its fine classical architecture, the nearby town of Colombres also has some very good examples of Indianos (South American) Architecture.

Asturias underwent large scale emigration towards end of the nineteen century and the beginning of the twenty century. Destinations included Central America, especially Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and the US. The emigrants brought with them back a very cosmopolitan and American design of architecture. You will find this characteristic design in magnificent buildings throughout Llanes, Colombres and the surrounding villages.

Llanes offers an impressive selection of outdoor activities due to its surroundings with many sporting activities available such as surfing, golf, water sports, trekking, climbing, adventure sports, etc.

Within the town there are two beaches but Llanes also has in its surroundings 56 km of coastline filled with some of the most beautiful in Asturias. They are long and white sandy beaches surrounded by very impressive and rugged scenery. 

Llanes lies at the foot of the stunning Picos de Europa which offer plenty of activities to do and scenery that will take your breath away.  b

The local gastronomy is a mix of both traditional and modern Asturian food. Being a fishing Port, Llanes offers of delicious fish and seafood daily and it has a wide variety of local cheeses and desserts.  The town’s restaurants pride themselves on serving only the very best ingredients to their customers”

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